Shade Tree Commission


The Athens Shade Tree Commission works to manage and promote Athens’ urban forest. The board members are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Counsel for 2-year terms.


The Commission consists of seven members (5 voting, 2 alternates) appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council, one City Council Representative, and the Mayor or designee. Term length is two years.

Members Term Ending
Buckley, Geoffrey (Alternate)
February 2019
Gregg, Lee
December 2019
Ingram, David (Chair)
December 2019
Kotowski, John
December 2018
Kotses, Peter (Council Representative) N/A
Lucas, Ron (Mayor's designee)
Sincoff, David
December 2019
Walker, Nancy (Alternate)
March 2019
Wood, Emilie December 2018

Documents and Downloads:

City Tree List
Tree Planting Permit

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