Health Board City-County


The Health Board functions as a policy, governance, advisory and regulatory board and provides oversight of major financial and programmatic decisions.


The board consists of five members, two of which are appointed by the Mayor of Athens and confirmed by Athens City Council. Two members are appointed by the Health District Advisory Council and one member is appointed by the City of Nelsonville. Term length is five years.

Members Term Ending
Basta, Tania, Ph.D. (City of Athens appointment)
December, 2019
Woodworth, Robert, D.O. (City of Athens appointment)
December, 2021
Rapposelli, Matt (Health District Advisory Council appointment)
December, 2020
Wootton, Mike (Health District Advisory Council appointment)
December, 2017
VanBibber, Eddie (City of Nelsonville appointment)
December, 2018