Online Recreation Resources


Keeping active is important both for our physical and mental health and wellness. Below are some options for home workouts and other ideas to stay ACTIVE! 

1. Follow the SilverSneakers Facebook and/or Twitter pages for daily exercises and live workouts. SilverSneakers FacebookSilverSneakers Twitter 

2. Fitness Fridays: Tune in to the Athens Community Center’s Facebook page every Friday at 11:00am for at home workout suggestions, healthy recipes, and other healthy tips.

3. Our very own Certified Personal Trainer, Caden, created a couple of at home workout videos - Modified Personal Trainer Workout Looking for more of a challenge - click here.

6 Simple Exercises You Can Do in Bed Every Morning. 


1. Join our Facebook or Twitter page for our Wellness Wednesday series. Each Wednesday we will be sharing tips about a different piece of the Wellness Wheel. A wellness wheel contains 8 pieces- spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, social, environmental, occupational and financial. It is a visual model that can be used to describe the various parts of your life which are all interconnected. 
    • Environmental wellness focuses on your living and surroundings. This can include the earth, the home you live in, your backyard, your community etc. To have a balance, your environment should support well- being. Tips for environmental wellness could be: recycling, decluttering, conserving on electricity, or cleaning! 
      • Click here for a poster with information about 4 cleaning and disinfecting alternatives. Cleaning your home is a great start to environmental wellness!
    • This can mean a lot of things, but in general it focuses on living within your means, planning for financial health and budgeting. Financial wellness is unique to every person.
      • Click here for 7 steps that you can take to work on your financial wellness
    • Occupational wellness focuses on your career and whether it brings you happiness, excitement, meaningfulness and contributes to the larger society. What we do for a living encompasses so much of our time, which is why it is important to love what we do and to have a healthy work life.
    • How do I get Occupational Wellness?
    • Click here for some helpful tips on maintaining your physical health.
    • To practice Spiritual Wellness, it is important to stay true to your beliefs and have an open mind to others. Check out these 6 habits for Spiritual Wellness. 

2. Mindful Mondays - tune in to our Facebook or Twitter page every Monday for tips and recommendations on how to manage the anxiety you may be feeling right now. Check out the following links for some helpful tips.

3. Thankful Thursdays - check out a list of ideas on practicing gratitude and practicing being thankful below:
  • Create a Thankfulness Jar. All you need is an empty jar, paper, and a pen. Each day take a moment to write down something you are thankful for (big or small) and place it in the jar. Then take a moment once a week to read through these and reflect on all the good things that have happened throughout the week! 
  • Take time to reflect on the little things that you are thankful for. while you're reflecting on the positives in your life, don't forget to remember the little things. Thankfulness doesn't have to only involve the big things, it can be small things like a sunset, your immediate family, your house, what you see/smell/taste, etc. You may notice that often you get the most enjoyment out of the smallest of things.
  • Give a Gratitude Journal a try. Once you get started writing, you may be surprised by how many positive things you have in your life. Click here for some prompt ideas to get you started or come up with your own.


1. Every Monday at 10:00 am head over to the ArtsWest Facebook page for Silver Linings Moments a virtual event hosted by Arts West and the Athens Poet Laureate. Join Wendy McVicker as she presents a poem each Monday that she hopes will bring joy and comfort to those listening. 


Check out these fun ideas for kids, adults, and those that are still kids at heart! 
1.Go on an adventure to our local parks. Check out the Athens Rocks! All Abilities, Touch-Free Community Rock Hunt. For more info check out the website here or check out the Facebook event page
2. Indoor Scavenger Hunt 
3. Take a moment to look up at the sky. Check out these fun sky themed bingo cards.
4. Travel to five of beautiful U.S. National Parks without ever leaving your couch. Take a virtual tour provided by Google Arts & Culture. 
5. Take a virtual trip to the San Diego Zoo


Going outside for from fresh air and exercise is perfectly fine and encouraged for mental and physical well-being. That said in order to keep yourself and others safe from COVID-19, follow the below tips and recommendations when using public outdoor recreational spaces. 

1. Click here for guidelines on using the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway from the Athens City-County Health Department.
2. Tips for physical distancing while using parks and trails: 
  • Know what 6 feet looks like: It is the length of a surf board, yoga mat, or an adult bike. 
  • Avoid highly touched surfaces and remember all city playgrounds, courts, shelter houses, picnic tables, and the skate park are closed at this time for your safety. Please do not remove or ignore caution tape and signs.
  • Go by yourself or those you live with. 
  • Avoid crowded areas. If there are a large number of people at a park, come back another time or explore a new park or green space in the city that is less crowded. 


Stay up to date on the latest and most accurate information about COVID-19 at the following sites: 

  1. Athens City-County Health Department - Follow the latest information on their page dedicated to COVID-19 information.
  2. City of Athens - Stay up to date on closures, recommendations, and other impacts of COVID-19.
  3. Ohio Department of Health - Latest information from Governor DeWine and Dr. Amy Acton.
  4. Center for Disease Control (CDC) - COVID-19 statistics and information.