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Posted on: September 8, 2017

Athens City Comprehensive Plan Update Begins

Athens City Comprehensive Plan Update Begins


Athens, Ohio—City of Athens planner Paul Logue has announced that the City of Athens is launching an update of the city’s Comprehensive Plan. The comprehensive plan process will begin with a public visioning session at the Athens Community Center Room ABC at 6:30 PM on Thursday September 21.

The city’s current comprehensive plan was adopted by Athens City Council in February of 2007. The comprehensive plan process will provide the community with the opportunity to help plan for future land use, development, and infrastructure within the city. The update will establish a community vision, perform a community inventory, and identify goals and recommendations to address neighborhoods, corridors, and general community initiatives to enhance the city.

The comprehensive plan is a tool for future decision making to help plan for the physical growth, development, and redevelopment of Athens. The plan aims to help achieve long term goals and objectives within the context of the vison.

The process will include several community-wide planning meetings and neighborhood level meetings. As the planning goes forward there will also be ad-hoc meetings convened on special topics that are identified as needing more discussion. Participants will also be provided with tools to conduct their own planning meeting using a meeting-in-a-box technique. Social media and online surveys will also be utilized to gather information for the plan.

Those who are interested in updates on the plan including meeting announcements, surveys, and general information are encouraged to email the planners at to be added to the comprehensive plan contact list.

For more information please contact planner Paul Logue at 740-592-3338 or

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