What is the 24hr parking rule?
No parking is to exceed 24 hours in the same location on any city street. You must move your vehicle to another location every 24 hours or it may be cited or towed. The city employs a full-time enforcement officer to address 24-hour parking. The 24-hour parking ordinance is enforced in order to allow all residents equal access to parking on city streets and to curb storage parking. If we did not enforce 24-hour parking, it would be possible for a resident of one street, say Franklin Avenue, to park their car on Elmwood Street in front of someone’s house and leave it for months at a time. Before the ordinance was enacted and enforced, we would receive numerous complaints that residents couldn’t park anywhere near their homes, that they had no place for visitors to park, and other similar complaints. Since enforcement of the 24-hour ordinance began, these complaints have subsided. Even though you can’t park in the same place for more than 24 hours, you should remember that no one else can either, and the chances of you finding a parking space near your residence is greatly increased by our enforcement of the ordinance.

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