What deductions may I take?

There is no standard deduction. There are no exemptions. The tax is assessed at a flat rate. Business and rental losses deducted from W-2 wages are not permitted. However, business and rental losses may be used to offset business and rental profits on the same return, for residents only.

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1. Does the City of Athens assess an income tax?
2. What is the tax rate?
3. Are all sources of income taxable?
4. If I live outside the Athens city limits, am I subject to the Athens city income tax?
5. Do I need to file a return if my business activity reported a loss for the year?
6. What deductions may I take?
7. How does the Athens City Income Tax Return differ from the Federal Income Tax Return?
8. What should I include with my return?
9. How do I submit an extension request?
10. When is my income tax return due?
11. Do I need to file an annual City of Athens income tax return?
12. How can I find out if I need to pay and file Athens City Income tax?