ARTS/West Programs:

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Join Arts Program Specialist Emily Beveridge in five week units of themed ceramics classes at Arts West. During the Afternoon Arts Ceramics Classes, participants will be led by the instructor through several projects, and will get to learn about many exciting clay and glazing techniques.

Enrollment is limited to 9 in person students; the age range is age 5 through 9 years old. 


Registration is $50 per 5 week unit; students can participate in one or all units.

To register or for questions contact, 

Emily Beveridge at 740-592-4315 or via email 

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Class Schedule: 

Unit 2: The Art of Flying - Tuesdays 4-5:30pm April 20th - May 18th

Projects Include: 

Paper Mache and Clay Hot Air Balloons

Students hearts will soar with this multi media work of art! Using balloons as molds, students will build a paper mache hot air balloon, which will be decorated with tissue paper. A ceramic basket with a passenger of their choice will also be made.

Birds of Paradise

The fantastic birds known as birds of paradise will be created by the students out of white low fire clay. Their new feathered friends will be painted in vibrant colors, and finished off with feathers and beads.

Unit 2: Organic Art - Thursdays April 22nd - May 20th 

Projects Include: 

Coil Pot Planters

With this classic ceramics technique students will build up vessels using the coil method. The vessels will be glazed, personalized with lettering, and completed with plants. They also will be able to build tiny decorations for their planter.

Chia Pets

Students will marvel as they create a pet that grows! Simple animal forms will be created in clay, and then chia seeds will be added after firing so that kids can watch the plants grow.

Afternoon Arts Ceramics Jazz Month Special Session - Jazz Shakers 

Join Arts Program Specialist Emily Beveridge in a celebration of Jazz Appreciation Month at Arts West! Students will get a chance to create their own ceramic jazz shaker out of clay, and then decorate their creation while listening to jazz tunes. This class is offered for FREE and is available to students grades K-3. Students’ work will be ready to pick up from Arts West after firing on Tuesday, May 18th.

All classes will take place on April 30th at Arts West. Follow the below links to register online: 

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Register for 4:00pm - 5:00pm session 

Register for 5:30pm - 6:30pm session