Income Tax Staff

Contact Information

Tina Timberman
Income Tax Administrator

As Income Tax Administrator, Tina assists the tax payers, accountants and businesses with any issues regarding the Athens City Income Tax.  She is responsible for the overseeing of the Income Tax Department and it’s daily operations.  In addition, she is responsible to maintain the Athens City Tax Code and stay in compliance with the State of Ohio tax laws. Tina can be reached at 740-592-3337 ext 2.  

 4. Tina Timberman

Krystyl Welsch

Income Tax Account Administrator

As the Income Tax Account Administrator, Krystyl assists the Tax Administrator in the responsibilities of the daily operations associated with the Income Tax Department.  Krystyl’s duties include, tabulating and processing income tax data, preparing and reviewing various tax reports, reconciling accounts and assisting tax payers via phone, email and in person.  Krystyl can be reached at 740-592-3337 ext 3.


  1. Krystyl Welsch