What constitutes an egregious violation of the noise ordinance?
Time of day is a big factor, noise that can be heard at 2am any day of the week is one example of an egregious noise violation. Volume is another factor. Noise that can be heard several houses away is another example of an egregious violation. We also consider any founded complaint of noise to be an egregious violation during the per se time limits.

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1. What is the noise law in the City of Athens?
2. How is the noise ordinance enforced?
3. Will I be cited for a violation of the noise ordinance?
4. I have never been warned before, but I received a citation, I thought warnings were required?
5. What constitutes an egregious violation of the noise ordinance?
6. What should I do if an officer appears at my house to enforce the noise ordinance?
7. Is the noise ordinance only in effect after 10pm on weekdays and midnight on weekends?
8. What is the difference between an administrative violation, a minor misdemeanor violation, and a fourth degree misdemeanor?
9. I have already been issued an administrative citation for violation of the noise ordinance, what could happen if I am found to be in violation again?
10. If I am a student, will Ohio University find out about my noise violation?
11. I have recently moved into a house that has been warned or cited in the last six months, can I be cited for noise?
12. What is the best way to avoid violating the noise ordinance?