What types of exams are given?
All Civil Service Exams are related to the specific job. Most Civil Service Exams are written. There are three general types. If prior experience is required, a job content exam is often used. For example, if a job requires two years of experience in electrical work, questions about electricity would be on the exam. A few jobs require no experience because you receive training on the job. For this type of job, an aptitude test may be appropriate. An aptitude test measures your ability to learn a particular type of work. Another type of test used is the Training and Experience (T&E) Evaluation. This test provides a scored evaluation of your education and experience. Therefore, it is necessary that your application be filled out clearly and completely. Describe related training and experience carefully because that is how your score is determined.
For some specialized jobs, you would go before an oral examination board, made up of persons who are experts in that field. When appropriate, a performance test may be used. Police and Fire Department candidates also take a physical agility exam.

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16. What types of exams are given?
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