How do I get a sewer / water tap installed at my residence?

For information, please call EPW at 740-593-7636. The City Engineer and Director of Public Works sets the fees for the taps according to the Ohio EPA Flow guide. Residents that want to visit in person can bring a copy of their plans to EPW. Once the plans are reviewed, the fees will be calculated. 

Tap Fee Explanation:  Tap Fees are composed of “capacity fees” and “connection fees”.  Capacity fees are a computation of potential new demand on the water and sewer (sanitary and storm) systems, based on the comparison of the facility to be built with the new demand placed on system by a single family home.  The attached facilities benefit assessment shows the basis for these computations.  The connection fee is the cost of city workers to make the actual tie in to the city mains.  This cost is determined by actual time and materials used for such work (no overhead or profit since the city is a public entity) and is billed after the connection occurs.  This cost is driven by the difficulty of the connection and material required to replace the street – it is difficult to estimate beforehand, but usually falls between $500 and $5000.

All capacity fees must be paid at Athens Utilities Billing Office prior to scheduling actual tap, which will occur in a 6-week window after capacity fees are paid.  This capacity fee calculation is independent of other plan notes mentioned on the site plan review memo.

Please note – time and material by city personnel of the actual connection will be charged in addition to the capacity fees above after the connection is complete and require payment before account is activated.

City of Athens, Ohio



As required by O-123-10 and O-123-11

PLACE                                                                                 ESTIMATED GALLONS PER DAY

                                                                                                                                                WATER                 SEWER

Single Family Homes                                                                          400                         ($1,300)                 ($3,000)


Apartments/Condos           (One Bedroom Units)                          150                         ($487.50)              ($1,125)

Apartments/Condos           (Two Bedroom Units)                         250                         ($812.50)              ($1,875)

Apartments/Condos           (Three Bedroom Units)                       350                         ($1,137.50)           ($2,625)


Assembly Halls/Classrooms                                                              2 per seat

Beauty Shops                                                                                       200 per basin (work station)

Bowling Alleys (No Food Service)                                                    75 per seat

Bowling Alleys (With Food Service)                                 100 per seat

Churches (No Kitchen)                                                                       4 per seat

Churches (With Kitchen)                                                                    6 per seat

Country Clubs                                                                                      50 per member

Dance Halls                                                                                          2 per seat

Factories (No Showers)                                                                       25 per employee

Factories (With Showers)                                                                   35 per employee

Food Service Operations:

Ordinary Restaurants (Not 24 Hour)                               35 per seat

24-hour Restaurants                                                           50 per seat

Banquet Rooms                                                                  5 per seat

Tavern                                                                                   35 per seat

Curb Service/Drive-Thru window                                     50 per seat

Vending Machine Hall                                                       100 per seat

Hospital (No Resident Personnel)                                                     300 per bed

Institutions (Residents)                                                                       100 per person

Laboratories                                                                                         0.2 per square foot

Laundries (Coin Operated)                                                                                400 per machine

Mobile Home Parks                                                                            300 per space

Motels                                                                                                    100 per unit

Rooming Homes/Houses (Not more than                                      100 per unit

 13 residents)

Nursing and Rest Homes                                                                   150 per Patient + 100 per Resident                                                                                                                                                  Employee + 50 per Non-Resident Employee

Office Buildings                                                                                   20 per Employee

Retail Store                                                                                           20 per Employee

Schools (Elementary)                                                                         15 per pupil

Schools (High or Jr. High)                                                                  20 per pupil

Physical Fitness Centers, Gyms                                                        20 per customer/member

Service Stations                                                                                   1000 for first bay or pump island +

500 for each additional island

Shopping Centers (No Food Service)                                               0.2 per square foot

Shopping Centers (With Food Service)                                            0.3 per square foot

Vacation Cottage                                                                                                100 per occupant

Dormitory (Over 13 Residents)                                                         50 per day/resident

 (No Food Service)

Club Houses/Recreational Facilities                                                                5 per member/user +

(With Food Service and Showers)                                                    35 per seat in food service area

Club Houses/Recreational Facilities                                                                2 per member/user +

(With Food Service and No Showers)                                              35 per seat in food service area

Club Houses/Recreational Facilities                                                                2 per member/user

(With No Food Service and No Showers)                       

STORM SEWERS                                                                               $0.10 PER SQUARE FOOT OF INCREASE IN IMPERVIOUS SURFACE, FOR EVERY 2500 SQUARE FEET OR PART THEREOF.

OEPA  385-8501

divide all outcomes by 400 gal., single family equivalent                                          

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